BitRoamer Update-VII


BitRoamer update

  • Changed health drop to be more frequent
  • player now moves 2/5 as fast as before
  • Enemies now have a 15% chance to be a shooter
    • Non-shooter enemies are 3x faster
    • Non-shooter enemies are considered “melee” enemies
  • Added melee enemies
    • Melee enemies “bump” into the player as their melee action and reduce player’s health
  • Added score label
    • Player gets a major score for killing enemies
    • Player gets a minor score for picking up items
  • MobSpawners reduced to 1.
    • Enemies spawn at an exponential rate
  • Player bullets get removed at their first impact


  • Add “ammo” pickup
    • change the players ammo to a finite resource
  • Add player melee
    • new input key
    • animation
    • no ammo for this (obviously)
  • Enemy melee-ers should move at a constant speed instead of the discrete movements currently
  • Enemy melee should do more damage than a shooter
  • Change fire rate of player so that it is constant, with a bit more wait between each bullet, and add a reload after every 8th bullet, with a current “Clip” count label or icon.
    • Reload indicator kind of looks like cell phone reception bars or MGS bars
  • Add pathfinding so that enemies can move around each other.
  • Slow down the rate of spawning so that new waves don’t come out until the old wave is gone

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