I’m working on a new game. I’ve decided to find a way around the areas I’m least talented in (2D graphics and drawing) and supplement it with stuff that I am talented in (procedural visual effects).


BitRoamer Update – XI

BitRoamer Update:


  • Background Grid added!
  • Controls: Mouse reinstated


BitRoamer Update-VIII

I’m excited about this update. It’s the first time BitRoamer feels like a game. Move fast enough to grab the health before it times out while avoiding the hordes.


  • Enemy melee-ers (aka “hordees”) now move at a constant rate
  • Item drops have a lifetime of 5 seconds before they disappear.
  • Enemies spawn in waves now, a new wave isn’t spawned until all the previous wave’s enemies are dead



  • Add “ammo” pickup
    • change the players ammo to a finite resource
  • Add player melee
    • new input key
    • animation
    • no ammo for this (obviously)
  • Enemy melee should do more damage than a shooter
  • Change fire rate of player so that it is constant, with a bit more wait between each bullet, and add a reload after every 8th bullet, with a current “Clip” count label or icon.
    • Reload indicator kind of looks like cell phone reception bars or MGS bars
  • Add pathfinding so that enemies can move around each other.

BitRoamer Update-IV

BitRoamer Updates:

  • Add healthbars to user and enemies
  • Add visual effect to mobspawners. This will become more dynamic as development continues

BitRoamer: Upcoming Features

Let’s list some of the things I have planned to implement in BitRoamer very soon. I generally try to plan based on “what can I get done tonight” It keeps development moving faster, and prevents me from getting overwhelmed or burnt out. I have a large backlog of other stuff to add, but I am prioritizing the stuff that makes this a game first. That means, penalties for bad actions and rewards for good actions.

  • Enemies drop items that represent cash or credits
  • 3 credits will let you place a “fence post”
  • 2 fence posts make a wall (do you see where I am going with this)
  • 2 credits will get you a widespread weapon:  shotgun
  • killing a mobspawner drops a special item that allows you to plob a mobAttractor.
    • MobAttractor will act as a beacon that… attracts mobs and takes the heat off of you.
    • If the player gets out of the range of the beacons attraction, the mob will start coming at you again
  • Add some sort of penalty for the player taking a hit (reduction in health) and when the player dies put up the “Game over/Restart?” screen
  • Add new healthbar
  • 1 credit allows you to buy a healing item

Let me know what you think about the credit/buying system or anything else by signing up and leaving a comment on this webzone.

BitRoamer Update-II

New things added to BitRoamer:

Update 02:

  • Enemy and player now have burst fire and reload mechanics.
  • lowered enemy HP
  • optimized renderer to fix framerate issue
  • change play area to widescreen
  • Removed old Top bar. will replace later


BitRoamer Update

I add some more features to BitRoamer:

Update 01:

  • Enemy now faces target.
  • Player marker follows mouse.
  • Better centering of image data so that it corresponds to hitboxes


AS3 Physics Liquid and bitmap effects

This is also a cool thing I found in the past couple days that is related to my BitRoamer work. It’s related because they both render to bitmaps and use distortion effects, which I had just recently learned for the trail effects in BitRoamer. The technique demonstrated explains how 2D games have done such good water effects, like World Of Goo

AS3 Freeroam

This is an old project I worked on that is a 2D action shooter. Click the link to check it out